Carpet Cleaning in Somerset

Deeper Clean means just that. Why have a carpet ‘cleaned’ if the dirt still lurks below the surface only to reappear in no time at all with a vengeance. It’s just money wasted. 

To provide a deeper clean than anyone else, you need a combination of factors all working together offering a unique combination:-

  • The latest high power, steam cleaning method using hot water extraction
  • highly trained and experienced operator
  • taking the time to do a thorough job.

A deeper clean helps pay for itself. Not only do you get a lovely looking carpet, but our process removes deep down sand and grit that is slowly damaging your carpets. It’s like walking around the house with sandpaper on your soles, wearing away the fibres. You can extend the longevity of your carpet for years with a deeper clean. 

Our system also facilitates fast drying times so you and your family have the least disruption possible and less risk of problems that occur with companies using cheap equipment and in experienced operators, leaving your carpet sopping wet and smelly. Yes they are still out there! 

Improve air quality in your home

When you realise your carpet acts like a giant air filter, improving the overall air quality around your home, you can understand the importance of a deep clean. Clean that filter and more of the dust, allergens and whatever would be floating around in the air is absorbed by the carpet. 

This is what Scandinavian researchers found when they investigated the abnormally high levels of asthma and respiratory disease compared to many other European countries. Turns out, bare wood flooring was the culprit with all that stuff floating around until it finds your lungs. Thanks to an information campaign supporting the use of floor coverings, symptoms are now on the decline. 

Other treatments 

We can also offer our recommended 

  • stain protector/’Scotchguard’
  • anti static treatment
  • moth treatments
  • allergy and dust mite control
  • pet odour neutralizer

So we really can give you a cleaner, fresher and softer carpet because we truly offer a deeper clean and back that up with a 100% guarantee that it will be, otherwise you don’t pay.

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We cover an area including:
Weston Super Mare- Banwell - Winscombe - Axbridge - Cheddar - Wedmore